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There is a lot of misinformation and miseducation taking place due to the field of sports becoming oversaturated with "sports gurus" who have a platform, yet full of opinions without actual or social proof, expertise, and actually having been a professional player. Therefore, Coach Wright has formed A.D.A.P.T. Basketball Academy to establish an intentional approach to becoming a complete student-athlete (not just watching countless videos from the "Related Videos" section on YouTube).


His 4-week mini-courses contain on-the-court tactics and hints of sports psychology that go beyond technical basketball skills. Coach Wright will also touch on off-court issues and developments that bring parents/legal guardians in particular, up to speed with what it takes to guide their child(ren)'s among their athletic journeys. There will be homework given and quizzes to keep everyone fresh and sharp as they go through the mini-courses. To allow for some synchronous communication, Coach Wright will use the video conferencing software Zoom in order to do webinars (presentation style) and meetings (small groups) that allow breakout rooms for interaction among each other and with Coach Wright via live Q & A.


Coach Wright's classes are done with the mindset of enhancing the experience of adult clients, parents/legal guardians, and kids while being involved in sports. Not too many athletes, coaches, or basketball trainers make themselves accessible year-round nor are many willing to carve out time to put presentations together in a professional and engaging way. Coach Wright is a breathing, active, and accessible resource, equipping all who enroll into A.D.A.P.T. Basketball Academy, with the tools to conquer many things that come their way within the world of sports.

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