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Coach Julian Wright is pleased to announce the company's launch of A.D.A.P.T. Basketball Carolina Academy ("The Academy") which is set to take place in April of 2020!


Coach Wright has established The Academy to encourage and educate with an intentional and disciplined approach to help student-athletes be well-rounded on and off the court. 


The Academy is offered to young athletes from ages 6 until 18 (as long as one year of 4-year high school eligibility remains).


ALL skills (athletic, offensive, and defensive), terminology, and schemes (how to be effective within offensive sets and defensive formations) are taught correctly which build a solid foundation for kids to progress through their regimens efficiently. 


There are 2 tiers for young athletes between ages 6 and 18.

For each tier, 45 spots are available (all co-ed classes).

Tier 1 - Maximum Capacity of 45 Participants

Beginner: Young athletes between the ages of 6-7 start at this level. 

Progressive, Phase 1: Young athletes between the ages of 8-9 start at this level.

Progressive, Phase 2: Young athletes between the ages of 10-11 start at this level.


Tier 2 - Maximum Capacity of 45 Participants 

Intermediate, Phase 1: Young athletes between the ages of 12-13 start at this level.

Intermediate,  Phase 2: Young athletes between the ages of 14-15 start at this level.

Advanced: Young athletes between the ages of 14-18 may start at this level.*

Throughout the year, there are 5 terms. The workload consists of 8 weeks on-the-court, concurring League Play or Open Gyms, and 1 "cool-down week" to rest, make use of complimentary shooting sessions, and/or partake in an enrichment class. Coach Wright and at times, guest speakers may visit A.D.A.P.T. Basketball's facility to discuss various off-the-court topics that can help athletes and parents alike, gain a healthy perspective on the ins-and-outs within the sports world.

*For the Advanced skill level within Tier 2, each young athlete must pass their assessment to be enrolled. Tier 2 is designed to ensure elite instruction with less time spent on a few student-athletes who may need more attention regarding basic and intermediate principles. There are be floating classes and sessions throughout the year to break down certain concepts which still aid in young athletes' development

Each term contains on-the-court tactics and hints of sports psychology that go beyond technical basketball skills. There are bi-weekly homework assignments given so young athletes can do drills at home and/or at a gym to fill in the gaps of time between sessions and emphasize accountability on the parents and players' end to get extra repetitions just as it is in academia. Also, young athletes in both the tiers take a mid-term quizzes and finals to keep everyone sharp and retain the information (new terminology and concepts) throughout each term.



To make sure the "drills come to life," all who are enrolled in The Academy are automatically opted into A.D.A.P.T. Basketball's Spring, Summer, and Fall & Winter Leagues & Open Gyms which also start in April of 2020. Putting the politics of middle school, high school, and AAU/travel basketball aside, players are guaranteed minutes throughout each term and given a chance to receive high-level coaching during and after game play. More information on the League and Open Gym will be posted soon.


Coach Wright is also launching an Online Basketball Academy in the near future, with pre-recorded modules which could be an economical solution for those who still desire a structured curriculum to build up skill sets, whether they live in the Charlotte metro area or not. 

To allow for synchronous communication amongst all who have enrolled, at least once each term, Coach Wright deploys video conferencing software in order to do webinars (presentation style) and meetings (small groups) that allow breakout rooms to interact amongst each other and with Coach Wright via live Q & A.


Whether clients enroll into The Academy and take classes in person or online, Coach Wright's curriculum has been put together with the mindset of enhancing the experience of parents/legal guardians and kids, understanding that commitment and consistency are major keys to witnessing constant progress. 

For all parents/legal guardians who live in the Charlotte metro area and are interested in enrolling their child(ren) in The Academy at its facility: email to receive information regarding pricing, programming/typical scheduling throughout terms, timely incentives such as multi-sibling discounts, and exclusive amenities afforded to entrants.

For anyone who would like more information and updates regarding A.D.A.P.T. Basketball Online Academy, please visit and subscribe.